Alcohol and Drugs Effects on the Body

10 Jun

Alcohol and drugs have both long term and short term effects on the body which can cause an erratic change in behavior, moods and other body functions, and sometimes the brain may also get damaged due nutrition deficiencies brought about by alcohol.

 On an empty stomach, alcohol is quickly consumed in the bloodstream and when one feeds on foods rich in proteins the absorption is a bit slower.  Stomach ulcers are caused when the stomach lining is irritated by absorption of alcohol via the stomach. When the alcohol content is too high in the body a reflex action is triggered causing one to vomit to relieve the irritation.  An alcohol consumer may also experience loss of appetite as the stomach emits many juices.

Alcohol also causes the temperature of the blood to rise temporarily, blood pressure to drop and blushing. When the blood alcohol concentration increases it causes increased relaxation and talking, coordination of the body decreases, speech, vision, body balance, and self-control also become impaired. One is also unable to control their emotions causing one to get quickly excited or angered throwing the body into a state of shock. Check this website for more info!

 The liver breaks down the alcohol into carbon dioxide and water while the remaining amounts are flushed out of the body through the lungs, kidneys, and skin.  The liver can be damaged if alcohol is consumed repeatedly. Due to poor judgment and decision making when under the influence of alcohol, it may lead one to engage in dangerous sex practices. Some drugs also cause complications in the growth of bones or severe muscle pains or general weakness. The continued use of drugs leads to the damaging of the liver and kidneys.

 Drugs and Alcohol are a very pricey affair and lead to low output at school and work. The time spent in the indulgence of drugs and recovering from its effects could be better used in acquiring new skills to further your career. Your financial status may be adversely affected by an abrupt legal matter brought about by drugs causing your health and car rates to increase.   Deaths caused drugs and alcohol include homicides, suicides and car accidents. For more insights regarding rehab, go to

 People who wish to stop the use of drugs and alcohol need diversion centers.  Developed treatment and additional programs are offered in this centers at this link to aid giving its patients new behaviors.

 Consequently, the amount of drugs or alcohol is directly proportional to the heart disease risk factor, two drinks a day are enough. Alcohol taken in small quantities can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, anything that is done without moderation is bound to outweigh its potential benefits.

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